A QR Ticket is a valid ticket used for single journey Return journey and Group travel.  

QR Tickets are available across all ticketing window at all NMRC Metro stations. QR tickets can also be booked through the NMRC mobile app (which is available on android & IOS platform) and Cashless Ticket Vending Machine (CTVM) presently available at Sector-51 and KP-II stations.

While purchasing QR tickets, the passenger has the option of paying the amount of fare through cash or use digital payment options. The digital payment options include:-
i) Using Debit/ Credit card.
Ii) Using UPI.

Passengers have the following advantage while paying through debit or credit cards /UPI :-
* Instant payment.
* Hassle free transaction.
* No need to worry about change.

Following types of tickets/cards are available to perform journey in Noida Metro:

1 QR Ticket - Single journey /Return journey and Group travel

Yes, the QR Ticket remains valid for 30 min. from the time of purchase at the source station. 

Yes, the maximum travel time limit is 90 Minutes for single journey after a valid entry through AFC gates. After expiry of travel time limit a penalty Rs 10/- per hour subject to maximum of Rs 50/- will be charged at exit. 

Yes, any person can exit from the same station where he has entered, but the time limit to exit from same station is 30 minutes after a valid entry through AFC gates. After expiry of the time limit a penalty Rs 10/- per hour subject to maximum of Rs 50/- will be charged at the exit. 

Yes, Return Journey QR Ticket is issued for same set of stations.  

No, after purchase of QR Ticket, customer can make entry from same station where the ticket is purchased. The SBI NMRC- CITY 1 CARD holder has this flexibility & can make entry/exit from any station. 

Fare is calculated on the basis of Number of Stations travelled.

No, QR Ticket is non refundable in NMRC.QR Tickets can be refunded in exceptional cases, like disruption of train service, unusual delay in train running due to incident/accident.

The refund will be initiated automatically within T+5 working days to the source account from where amount was deducted. Passengers can also lodge their complaint online by sending a mail with attachment of payment proof to feedback.nmrc@gmail.com or feedback@nmrcnoida.com

No, QR Ticket holder can’t extend the journey after purchasing the QR Ticket. However, if any passenger extends it journey mistakenly, he has to pay additional amount at the time of exit from AFC gates.  

If you lose your QR Ticket in paid area, you will be treated as without ticket and penalty of Rs. 100/- shall be charged. In case later on passenger approaches that QR Ticket is recovered, no refund will be given.  

A SBI NMRC- CITY 1 CARD is special type of ticket used for multiple journeys based on value available on it. The use of SBI NMRC- CITY 1 CARD offers following advantages: 

  • ❖ Save time from daily purchase of QR Ticket 
  • ❖ Avoid standing in queue for purchase of QR Ticket
  • ❖ Avail 10% discount on every journey.
  • ❖ Provides freedom of choice of originating and destination station.

A SBI NMRC- CITY 1 CARD is a contactless SBI NMRC- CITY 1 CARD. You just show your SBI NMRC- CITY 1 CARD on the reader of AFC gate, it will automatically validate the card, and deduct the correct fare for the journey performed at the time of exit.

Presently, SBI NMRC- CITY 1 CARDs can be purchased from NMRC Customer Care centre available at each NMRC Stations.  

Yes, Passenger can purchase QR Tickets from NMRC Mobile App available at Google Playstore and Apple OS. Passenger can register on SBI web portal https://transit.sbi/ to buy and recharge SBI NMRC- CITY 1 CARD. However, passenger will have to get and validate SBI NMRC City1 Card.  

Yes, as per NMRC Business Rule, basic KYC is required to fill to get SBI NMRC City1 Card, Following document is required :- 

  • ❖ Passport Number
  • ❖ NREGA Job Card
  • ❖ Voter Id
  • ❖ License Number
  • ❖ National Population Registration Number
  • ❖ Aadhar Number

No, it is a Non-personalize card. You may not purchase SBI NMRC- CITY 1 CARD for your family member, friend or any other person because of limitations of KYC details and specific Mobile number. 

Only one person is authorized to travel on one SBI NMRC- CITY 1 CARD at a time. 

A SBI NMRC- CITY 1 CARD is valid for 1 year from the date of last recharge. 

A discount of 10% is given on every journey made by the passenger on SBI NMRC- CITY 1 CARD. 

The reduced fare is application on Sunday and National Holidays viz Republic Day (26th January), Independence Day (15th August) & Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti (2nd October). Fare Table is as under:-  

A SBI NMRC- CITY 1 CARD can be purchased with Card Issuance Fee of Rs 100/- and First Add value of Rs 200/-i.e. a SBI NMRC- CITY 1 CARD can be purchased at a minimum cost of Rs 300.(*Rs 4/- will be deducted at the time of Add Value as a service tax and Rs. 196 is transferred to card.) 

SBI NMRC- CITY 1 CARD can be recharged, via 2 means-

a) At Customer Care - Rs. 100 /- (Initial top-up must be a minimum of Rs. 200/- and in multiples of Rs. 100/- thereafter)
b) Online - Minimum recharge in multiples of Rs. 100/-. *Note: Reload or Top up fee -1.8% or Rs. 12/- (whichever is less, rounded off to nearest Rupee) 

Yes, The maximum permissible store value limit on a SBI NMRC- CITY 1 CARDs is Rs 2000/-.

The balance available on a SBI NMRC- CITY 1 CARD can be checked at Customer Care Centers /Ticket Reader (TR) available at all Stations. 

A minimum balance of Rs 50/- is required to enter station for travelling.

Yes, fare of Rs 10/- will be deducted from SBI NMRC- CITY 1 CARD during the exit.

If you damage or loss QR Ticket in Paid area, a fine of Rs. 100/- will be charged to get you exited.

Yes, if your card is lost, stolen or damaged, it can be blocked but amount will not be refunded. Please follow the below mentioned steps:

  • Lodge FIR/NCR for lost card. Inform immediately at TOM Counter/Customer Portal of SBI Contact Centre 1800 112211 / 1800 4253800 (toll free) or land line number 080-26599990 (toll) 24x7.
  • Visit your nearest Noida metro station for Card Replacement and submit a simple request letter for the same. After ensuring that your previous card has been blocked, a fresh replacement card will be issued to you. Card Replacement Charges of Rs. 100 will be taken from the customer.

A maximum of two Children if accompanied by an adult, each below 3 feet (90 cms) height are allowed to travel free. Children above 3 feet (90 cms) will be charged full fare.

Yes, In NMRC network following penalties are applicable for offences under O&M Act,2002 and as per Business Rules.


Section Offences Penalty
59 Drunkenness or Nuisance or Spitting or Sitting on the floor of the train or Quarreling Rs.200/-
60 Taking offensive material Rs.200/-
61 Taking or causing to take dangerous material upon metro railways Rs.5000/-
62 * Demonstration of any kind upon Railway.
* For Writing, pasting in compartment or carriage etc.
* For refusal to be removed.
63 Travelling on roof of the train Rs.50/-
64 Unlawful entry and walking on Metro Track Rs.150/-
67 Unlawful obstruction of train and train doors Fine of Rs. 5000/-
68 Obstructing officials on duty Rs.500/-
69 Travelling without ticket or pass Rs.100/-
70 Interfering with means of communication in train or misusing alarm Rs.500/-
71 Altering or defacing or counterfeiting pass or ticket Imprisonment upto 6 months
72 Defacing metro properties Rs.200/-
73 Unauthorized sale of articles on metro railway Rs.400/-
74 Maliciously wrecking a train or causing sabotage Life Imprisonment or rigorous imprisonment up to 10 years or death sentence
75 Unauthorized sale of ticket Rs.200/-
78 Damage to or destruction of certain metro railway properties Imprisonment up to 10 years
Para Penalties imposed manually under Business Rule and others Penalty
1 Paid Exit Rs.100/-
2 Tailgating (without recorded proper entry or exit from Card or QR Ticket) Rs.200/-
3 Reverse direction journey Rs.50/-
4 Travelling beyond permissible time limit Rs 10/Hour upto Rs 50/-

CITY 1 CARD will not be refunded at NMRC. However, a card surrender form available at Customer Care Centre to be filled and submitted by passenger at any Station of NMRC for refund of card balance. Passenger will have to contact SBI for refund of available balance of City 1 Card. No request for refund of card issuance fee will be entertained. For futher enquiry please contact Customer Care Centre of NMRC.