• Only the passengers with face mask will be allowed.
    • Every passenger will be screened by Thermal sensors.
    • The limiting maximum temperature for travel permission will be 37.7 degree centigrade.
    • Persons entering NMRC premises will have to apply hand sanitizer after screening
    • To ensure adequate Social distance, markings for standing the passengers have been made at 1 metre spacing at frisking zones, TOM counters and Platforms.
    • Commuters should avoid touching the AFC Gates while scanning the QR tickets or Smart Cards.
    • On escalators, a gap of at least one step should be maintained between two users.
    • Generally, all lifts will be closed. However, in case of request for senior citizens & physically challenged passengers, lift will be made available on request.
    • Passengers not having “Aarogya Setu” app will be allowed on the Aqua Line.

    • Passengers shall maintain adequate social distance. For this purpose, suitable markings have been made inside the coaches.
    • Passengers are not supposed to sit on the seats having stickers.
    • Crowd inside the train as well as at station/platform will be monitored through CCTV from the Control Rooms. If more crowd is are observed, entry at the station will be restricted.
    • Passengers will be advised to refrain from touching any surface inside the metro stations or trains.

  • At the following stations only one gate will be kept open for entry / exit, Sector – 101, Sector- 81, NSEZ, Sector-83, Sector -137, Sector-142,Sector-143, Sector – 144, Sector - 145, Sector - 146, Sector -147, Sector -148, Alpha -1, Delta – 1 and GNIDA Office.
  • At following 6 stations, both entrance gates will be kept open for commuters:Sector – 51, Sector –50, Sector –76, KP-II, Pari Chowk, Depot Station.

  • Passengers found spitting inside Metro stations, trains or any other metro premises will have to pay a fine of Rs. 100 at the first time and Rs. 500 for any subsequent occurrence.
  • Passengers found travelling without masks in the Metro trains, stations or any other Metro premises will have to pay a fine of Rs. 500.

NMRC is encouraging its commuters to use cashless ticketing options like Smart Card and QR code generated by NMRCs mobile App.

NMRC currently has 3 ticketing options

  • Use of Contactless Smart Card
  • Use of QR code generated by NMRCs Mobile App. This QR code can also be scanned without touching the smart phone with the Automatic Fare Collection (AFC) gates.
  • Use of paper generated QR Code which can be purchased from the Metro stations.

NMRC has set up counters at a few selected Metro stations where masks will be available on payment basis for needy commuters for minimum of Rs. 5 and maximum Rs. 30 for each mask. The stations where these counters will be set up are Sector 51, NSEZ and Pari Chowk.