Special Features Of New Website Of NMRC

Noida, December 04, 2019

New improved version of NMRC website was launched by MD, NMRC on 21.11.2019 on occasion of Inauguration of New Extended Office at Block III, 3rd Floor, Ganga Shopping Complex, Sector 29, Noida-201301.

New website of NMRC has been developed with some peculiar features which contains information regarding business engagement as well as general information regarding the NMRC.

  • UNDER THE VENDOR REGISTRATION TAB, the vendors who are keen to get their firm/ business registration done with NMRC may download the Vendor Registration form, fill it and submit it to the head office of NMRC along with requisite fees after enclosing the necessary documents.
  • UNDER THE APPLICATIONS TAB, visitors can find access to the Foot Over Bridge/Sky Walk Policy of NMRC which allows interconnection of the establishments with Noida Metro Rail Stations to enhance accessibility to the stations through skywalk/walkways/roads at the concourse or other levels. Desirous applicants may approach NMRC by submitting their application along with requisite documents and fees as prescribed under the policy. As per the policy the planning, layout, design and construction of FOB/ skywalk shall be done by Licensee/Applicant. The layout and design shall be approved by NMRC prior to the construction. Cost of construction, including way lease charges, if applicable, as well as maintenance shall be borne by the Licensee/Applicant.
  • UNDER THE APPLICATIONS TAB only Visitors can also access the NMRC policy on Hiring of Premises including Metro Stations, Trains and Depot for a particular duration. As per the policy, the desirous applicant can approach NMRC by submitting requisite application along with security deposit and booking fees that will vary according to the duration for which the premises are hired.
  • Commuters can also gain important information about journey using the website under the PASSENGER INFORMATION TAB, where by using the JOURNEY PLANNER TAB they can plan the journey and get the estimated fare by entering the starting station and last station of their trip. The website also contains important information in general about NMRC which includes the present and future network, city bus service routes and related information, Annual report of the Company along with details of Directors and Officers of NMRC and also the tender related information.
  • In addition to above, the commuters can also download the NMRC mobile android app by clicking on the PASSENGER INFORMATION OR THE DOWNLOAD TAB on the website through which QR Tickets can be purchased by the Commuters. The website also provides an option to commuters to apply for Smart Card of NMRC by filling the necessary KYC related information online which in turn generates a reference number which can be used for quoting at the issuance counter at the Metro Station.


During the month of November 30, 2019, the Average Daily Ridership stood at 22059 and the Average Daily Revenue stood at INR 6,44, 640.