Noida, 05 February 2024

Approval of NMRC Board on Modified Detailed Project Report (DPR) for the Metro Extension Project of Aqua Line Metro Rail Corridor from Sector-51 Station (Noida) to Knowledge Park-5 (Greater Noida).

In order to ensure seamless connectivity of Aqualine of NMRC and Blue Line of DMRC, slight changes in alignment were envisaged in the DPR of above project. Accordingly, DMRC was entrusted the work to prepare the modified DPR of Aqua Line Metro Rail Corridor from Sector – 51 Station (Noida) to Knowledge Park - V (Greater Noida). Now, DMRC had submitted the DPR adopting the detour alignment.

This project will provide ease to the commuters of Noida, Greater Noida West, and Greater Noida via. Vikas Marg & Noida-Greater Noida Link Road which will help in decongesting the heavy road traffic along these roads. This project will connect the commuters to existing operational Aqua line of NMRC and the Blue line of DMRC network. Noida Sec-61 Station will serve as an interchanging station between NMRC’s Aqua Line and DMRC’s Blue Line. As per the DPR, the total completion cost of the project is estimated as INR. 2,991.60 Cr covering the length of 17.435 KM with 11 nos of stations. The names of the station is tabulated below:-

Brief highlights of the project are as under:-

Sr. No. Name of the station
Start Noida Sec.-51(Existing)
1 Noida Sec.-61
2 Noida Sec.-70
3 Noida Sec.-122
4 Noida Sec.-123
5 Gr. Noida Sec.-4
6 Eco Tech – 12
7 Gr. Noida Sec.-2
8 Gr. Noida Sec.-3
9 Gr. Noida Sec.-10
10 Gr. Noida Sec.-12
11 Gr. Noida Knowledge Park-V

The importance of the project is due to the proposed inter-connectivity of the existing operational Aqua Line to the DMRC’s Blue line at Sector-61 Station and benefiting the commuters of Noida, Greater Noida West area and Greater Noida area with faster and direct connectivity towards Noida & Delhi and vice versa. The DPR for the said Project has been approved by NMRC Board today. Now, DPR will be processed for approval of Government of Uttar Pradesh and Government of India.

Lokesh M.

Managing Director

Noida Metro Rail Corporation Limited