Metro Rail Project from Sector -51 to Knowledge Park-V

Noida, December 11, 2023

In the current DPR of extension of Noida- Greater NOIDA Aqua line, there is constraint of seamless connectivity between Sector-51 station of Aqua line and Sector-52 station of Blue Line of Delhi Metro.

Although Foot Over Bridge connection (FoB) has been planned to connect sector-51 and sector-52 station, it is not going to resolve commuters problem permanently owing to 430 m distance between two stations. Travelling a distance of 430 m, between two stations will always be deterrent to encourage commuters to use this FoB connection even after provision of travelators.

Similar problem have been encountered between Dhaula Kuan station of Airport Express Line and Durga Bai Deshmukh station of Pink line of DMRC, where later on FoB connectivity has been provided with travelator, however the solution could solve the problem upto certain extent and has not able to provide a long term permanent solution of seamless connectivity between the two stations.

The connectivity solution has to be found at this stage and if extension is pursued as per DPR, the seamless connectivity issue of Aqua Line and Blue Line will remain unresolved forever with no scope of further correction. It would be prudent to take up extension of Aqua Line without aforementioned constraint as it will have long term adverse effect on foot fall.

Accordingly, permanent solution has been worked out for seamless connectivity of Aqua Line and Blue Line by slight change in alignment of extension of Aqua Line going upto Knowledge Park-V. Action has already been initiated to carry out these changes in DPR. Revised DPR will be processed soon for approvals.

Slight changes in alignment are being done in the planning of the project with the sole aim of providing comfort due to ease of interchange to the commuters of Delhi, Noida, Greater Noida as well as Greater Noida West.

Lokesh M.
Managing Director
Noida Metro Rail Corporation Limited