Noida, July 13, 2023

It is a proud to announce a remarkable milestone in NMRC’s Journey as it achieves the highest ridership of 88,646 on 12.07.2023(Wednesday) and 58,231 on 11.07.2023 (Tuesday) respectively since inception of Metro service on 26.01.2019 of Noida Metro.

This extraordinary achievement underscores the trust and the satisfaction of our valued customers and reinforces NMRC’s commitment to providing hassle free transport solutions. With an unwavering dedication to excellence, NMRC has consistently strived to deliver reliable, efficient, and convenient services to commuters in Noida/Greater Noida City.

The remarkable surge in ridership can be attributed to several factors, including implementing customer-centric policies; we have managed to elevate the commuting experience to new heights.

Some of the glimpse of NMRC’s all time highest ridership since commercial operation (26th Jan 2019 to 12th July 2023) is as follows:-

Aqua Line Ridership During the Shrimad Bhagwat Katha Event
S/N Business Day Weekday Ridership
1 12/07/2023 Wednesday 88,646
2 11/07/2023 Tuesday 58,231
3 10/07/2023 Monday 54,516
Aqua Line Top 5 Ridership for the period of 26th Jan 2019 to 09th July 2023)
S/N Business Day Weekday Ridership Tentative Reasons for Ridership increment
1 16/01/2023 Monday 56,168 Auto Expo
2 20/03/2023 Monday 53,797 Exam at Greater Noida
3 18/01/2023 Wednesday 53,455 Auto Expo
4 30/11//2022 Wednesday 52,969 India Pharma Week at Greater Noida
5 17/01/2023 Tuesday 52,821 Auto Expo

Ritu Maheshwari
Managing Director
Noida Metro Rail Corporation