NMRC is taking all necessary measures to ensure a safe journey for Aqua Line commuters like passenger screening at the station entrance and proper sanitization of all passenger circulation areas in trains and stations. This has inculcated confidence amongst the passengers. Due to which aqua line ridership has shown continuous growth in the last few months and NMRC achieved its post lockdown highest single day ridership of 26,554 passengers yesterday i.e. on 15-11-2021. Sector -51 had the highest footfall of 10,035 passengers.

In pre-pandemic times, NMRC was having a month-wise average daily ridership of 25,920 passengers in February 2020. NMRC passenger services were suspended as per government guidelines from 22-03-2020 to 06-09-2020 in the first lockdown and 01-05-21 to 08-06-2021 in the second lockdown.

After resuming train services on 09-06-2021 post-second lockdown, the daily average ridership had reduced to 4,904 passengers.

For better monitoring of passengers, openings of metro station entry/exit gates, as well as operation of lifts, were restricted. However, keeping in view the popular public demand, more entry/exit gates and lifts have been opened in October 2021 to facilitate the smooth passage of metro users at various stations while ensuring all the COVID-19 norms, including social distancing.

1. Station entrance - Both exit/entry gates will be kept open at the following 10 stations - Sector - 51, Sector -50, Sector 76, NSEZ, Sector- 83, Sector- 137, Sector 142, KP-II, Pari Chowk, Depot station. However, only 1 station exit/entry gate will be kept open at remaining 11 stations i.e. Sector 101, Sector 81, Sector 143, Sector - 144, Sector 145, Sector- 146, Sector -147, Sector - 148, Alpha -1, Delta -1,GNIDA Office.

2. Lifts - Both the lifts from concourse to platform level will be kept operational at all stations. But, at ground level, the lifts located near the open entry/exit gate of the station will only be operated during revenue hours.

Ritu Maheshwari

Managing Director

Noida Metro Rail Corporation Ltd.