Noida, 17 September 2022

A meeting under chairmanship of Mrs. Ritu Maheshwari MD NMRC/ CEO Noida Authority and in presence of Mr. Praveen Mishra ED NMRC/ACEO Noida Authority was held at Head Office of Noida Metro with different RWA’s, villagers and other stakeholders for consultation on the proposed metro route from Sector-142 to Botanical Garden to obtain maximum benefit to residents of the area.

Following RWA’s from various sectors and representative of village were present at the meeting for giving their opinion on alignment of proposed Metro from Sector-142 to Botanical Garden:-

1. Mr. Yogender Sharma-FONRWA Chairman
2. Mr. Raj Kumar Singh (President Sector -100)
3. Mr. Mahesh Awana (RWA Sector -104)
4. Mr. Pawan Yadav- FONRWA
5. Mr. Anil Goyal –RWA Sector-93 A
6. Mr. Amit Taygi( President-AoA Sector-110)
7. Mr. Sanjay(RWA Sector-44)
8. Mr. Suresh Awana (Hazipur Village)
9. Mr. Yatendra Awana (Hazipur Village)
10. Mr. Vinod Choudhary ( RWA Sector-99)
11. Mr.Sanjay Singh (RWA Sector -92)
12. Mr.Shishir Kant (Maharishi Ashram)
13. Mr.Ramedra Sachin (Maharishi Ashram)
14. Mr.B.K.Purwar (Law Officer)
15. Mr. Ashok Tyagi (Business)
16. Mr. Sudhir Sood (Business)
17. Mr. Satindra Awana (Hazipur Village)
18. Mr. Anil Awana (Hazipur Village)
19. Mr. Anil Kumar Sachar (Super tech)
20. Mr. Anil Goyal ( RWA Sector -93A)
21. Mr. MM Gupta ( Pearl Gateway)
22. Mr. Vinod Sharma (RWA Sector -108)
23. Mr. Amitabh Pandey (RWA Sector -93 A)
24. Mr. Balmukh Mishra (RWA Sector -110)
25. Mr. Manish Kumar (Secretary Sector -92)

and others were also present

Revised DPR from Sector 142 to Botanical Garden has been prepared in the year 2022 .During the review of DPR, it was felt to revisit the alignment of sector 142 to botanical garden to cater the need of more populated area. The route was reviewed by the officers of Noida Authority, NMRC and DMRC and following options were found appropriate for providing better connectivity:-

Option 1: Along Expressway Stations- Sector-91, Sector-98, Sector-97, Sector-125, Botanical Garden

Option 2:Stations- Balak I.College, Sector-93, Sector-108/105, Sector-104/98, Sector-45/44, Botanical Garden

Option 3: Stations- Balak I.College, Sector-93, Janpath, Sector-104/98, Sector-45/44, Botanical Garden

The matter was discussed with the stakeholders. It has been opined by maximum residents that route Option 2 coming through sector-93, 108,105, 104, 100, 98, 45, 44 will be most beneficial. However, few are of the opinion that Option 1 covering Sector-91, Sector-98, Sector-97, Sector-125, Botanical Garden (along expressway) is beneficial.The hazipur villagers was also in favour option -2. Now, the proposed route will be sent to DMRC to check technical feasibility and financial viability of both routes so that final decision can be taken.

Issued by Corporate Communications Department
Noida Metro Rail Corporation Ltd.