Noida, Press Release Dated 19 May 2022

After resumption of metro services post COVID lockdown, NMRC is continuously making efforts to facilitate its passengers with quality service. In past few months, NMRC has undertaken following measures for enhancing customer’s ease & satisfaction level: -

1. Reduction in headway of trains – • On weekdays (Monday to Friday), headway of train services is reduced to 7.5 minutes from earlier 10 minutes in peak hours i.e. 08 A.M. – 11 A.M. & 05 P.M. – 20 P.M. In non peak hours also, headway of train services is reduced to 10 minutes from earlier 15 minutes. • On Saturdays, headway of train services is reduced to 10 minutes from earlier 15 minutes. • On Sundays, train services start at 8 A.M. and trains run at uniform interval of 15 minutes.

2. To maintain proper hygiene and sanitization at stations and inside trains, housekeeping has been augmented.

3. All the complaints/ suggestions from customers are analyzed seriously and required action is taken in time bound manner.

4. All exit/entry gates are opened at all the stations for passengers. During COVID period, only 1 out of 2 exit/entry gates were kept open at low ridership stations. Accordingly, all the lifts are also made available for passengers.

The above steps have established passengers’ trust in NMRC for safe and comfortable journey. These measures have resulted in rising trend of passenger ridership regularly in last few months.

Ridership of 33,352 passengers was recorded on 18-05-2022 which is highest in the period after Covid-19 lockdowns. Average daily ridership has become almost double in last four months –

Month Average daily ridership
January 2022 13,124
February 2022 18,482
March 2022 23,266
April 2022 26,162

During May 2022, daily average ridership is 27,936 so far (till 18-05-2022). This is highest ever daily average ridership for any month since introduction of commercial services on Aqua line .

The ridership trend is a testimony to the commuters’ ever-growing confidence in Noida Metro.

Ritu Maheshwari

Managing Director