Noida, November 10, 2020

Noida Metro Rail Corporation (NMRC) witnessed the highest ridership on Monday i.e. 09.11.2020 of 7165 passengers since resuming of services after lockdown on 07.09.2020. NMRC has witnessed an increase in ridership of approx. 12 times in two (02) months of resuming services after lockdown.

The services on the Aqua Line were resumed after almost five months of lockdown on 7th September 2020 with partial services. NMRC had ensured all precautions necessary for prevention of spread of the Covid 19 virus before resuming services on the Aqua LineThe first day of operations had recorded a ridership of 600 passengers.

On 12th September 2020, NMRC had resumed full fledged operations on the Aqua Line and had recorded a ridership of 2148 passengers. Since then the ridership of NMRC has seen a steady rise.

This rise can be attributes to the fact that passengers have faith in the safety standards of NMRC and consider the Aqua Line as a safe and secure mode of public transport during the Covid 19 pandemic.

NMRC is taking all necessary measures to ensure a safe journey for Aqua Line commuters. The NMRC trains are also fully sanitised after each trip. The stations, platform and other “contact areas” like Call buttons of lifts, AFC gates, Handle belts of Escalators & Staircases, POS machines etc. are also sanitised at regular intervals. The E- Rickshaws are also regularly sanitised after every journey.

NMRC staff have been deployed at the station to ensure that passengers follow the government guidelines of wearing face masks and maintaining social distancing.

Only the passengers with face mask are allowed inside the stations and every passenger is screened for temperature with Thermal Sensors. To ensure adequate Social distance, markings for standing the passengers have been made at 1 metre spacing at frisking zones, TOM counters and Platforms.

NMRC is also spreading the message of using cashless ticketing options among its commuters like use of Smart Card and QR code generated by NMRCs mobile App.

NMRC currently has 3 ticketing options

  • Use of Contactless Smart Card
  • Use of QR code generated by NMRCs Mobile App. This QR code can also be scanned without touching the smart phone with the Automatic Fare Collection (AFC) gates.
  • Use of paper generated QR Code which can be purchased from the Metro stations.

NMRC is encouraging its commuters to use the first two options as much as possible to help in minimising human contact and help in keeping our commuters safe.

Ritu Maheshwari
Managing Director
Noida Metro Rail Corporation Ltd.