Suggestion Form - Initiative for Transgender Community

NMRC Initiative for Transgender Community

Noida, June 21, 2020

NMRC wish to take a step for the inclusion and meaningful participation of trans persons. Along with that, NMRC want trans community to travel with pride in Aqua line.

In this direction, few of the actions planned are as follows:

  1. Creating awareness among metro commuters through messages/ signages/ announcements at Station/ Train pertaining to trans community
  2. Sensitisation of existing employees
  3. Engaging trans people at metro stations post required training

Additionally, the possibility of change in restroom infrastructure and creation of separate frisking facility for trans people are being explored at Noida Sector 50 Station currently.

In this regard, NMRC would like to incorporate certain features, facility to transgender community, in the form of slogans/ art works/ announcements etc.

Thus, NMRC welcome the Individuals/ NGOs, who work for rights of transgender community, to send their suggestions for terms for Station/Train announcement which resonate with transgender community (such as Transgender Station/ Rainbow Station, etc.) via email to

The received suggestions shall be deliberated upon by the Committee for finalizing the same.