NMRC to implement Short Term Policy (STP) for leasing of prefabricated advertisement space available in Metro Trains as well as inside Metro Stations

In order to augment the Non-Fare box Revenues, NMRC has come up with an attractive idea of leasing of available advertisement space inside & outside (wrapping) of Metro Train coach (es) as well as inside Metro Stations. This initiative shall help NMRC generate non-fare box revenue by using its available inventories at metro stations and Trains.
NMRC has an approved policy named “Short Term Policy” to have applications from interested vendors in the field of advertisement.
The salient features of the  Short Term Policy (STP) are as under:-.

  1. The duration of the  advertisement can be  for a period minimum of 30 days and maximum upto 90 days in the multiple of 30 days. The STP period can also be extending beyond 90 days on the request of applicant in the multiple of 30 days.
  2. The applicant will made request through fully filled application form and its submission through NMRC’s e-mail (Scan copy) as well as hard copy in the NMRC office. The application will be processed on FIRST COME FIRST SERVE basis. The applicant whose application will be received first on email will be considered FIRST COME for the said inventory.
  3. The STP policy will be available on NMRC website like other existing policy of NMRC (such as Film shooting, Metro Market, Birthday Celebrations etc.) in the OFFERS section on NMRC website under the Heading “Short Term Policy (STP) for Train Advertisement” and “Short Term Policy (STP) for Inside Station Advertisement”.
  4. The applicant must submit Interest Free Security Deposit (Refundable) in advance as per the policy.
  5. Minimum 4 coaches or more of Metro Trains can be offered under this policy. For inside Station advertisement, minimum 25 Sqm area or more (Upto maximum available space at particular Station) can be offered as per the per day rates mentioned in the policy.
  6. The policy has been uploaded on NMRC website (nmrcnoida.com) under  OFFERS Section on 16.09.2021 and the applications shall be received from 01.10.2021 onwards through NMRC’s email as well as hard copy in the NMRC office.
  7. The rates mentioned in the policy shall be reviewed after every 6 months from the date of availability of the policy in NMRC website.

This policy of NMRC shall open a new door in the field of  advertising by utilizing metro’s premises, stations and metro train coaches. By this way of promoting NMRC and its premises through a Short Term Policy, a positive vibe is being created among the vendors to easily participate in the different business opportunities available with Noida Metro Rail Corporation in coming days.

Ritu Maheshwari
Managing Director  
Noida Metro Rail Corp oration Limited