Review of Non Stoppage stations during Peak Hours by Fast Trains

Noida, August 29, 2021

Keeping in view the popular public demand, non stoppage stations by the fast trains have been reviewed by NMRC

The fast trains will start stopping at Sector – 50, Sector -101, Sector – 83 and Sector -143 stations w.e.f. 31-08-2021 (Tuesday). However, 5 stationed namely Sector - 144, Sector - 145, Sector - 146, Sector - 147 and Sector - 148 will continue to be skipped by fast trains.

There will be no other change in train timings, headway etc

Train schedules are summarized below -

Day Timings Train Frequency
6 AM to 10 PM Peak hours (Fast trains) Off peak hours
10 min 15 min
Saturday 6 AM to 10 PM 15 min
Sunday 8 AM to 10 PM

15 min
Note –
  1. Peak hours (Fast trains) of NMRC train services - from 8AM to 11AM and 5PM to 8PM
  1. Fast train services will not run on weekends i.e. Saturday, Sunday and on Hoildays.

Ritu Maheshwari
Managing Director
Noida Metro Rail Corporation